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Residential Window Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

Are you still driving a car from 1936?
Then why let someone clean your windows
with technology from 1936!


     1936(squeegee)                               (Spray-tek)2009

The common window cleaning squeegee was invented in 1936.  When most people think about window cleaning, the tool that everyone readily accepts to do the job is the good old squeegee.  Most people picture a person showing up at their doorstep with a bucket a squeegee a ladder and a smile.  But when it comes to a true clean the "good ol squeegee" just does not measure up anymore. 

At Arizona Sunbusters, we always bring a smile to your door, we also bring the most economical and modern window cleaning equipment... the "Spray-tek" cleaning machine.   Window cleaning in Phoenix is very labor intensive, many homes here have "pokey" landscape and heavy duty screens next to the glass.   In many cases it can be very difficult to even get to the glass, let alone reach all areas with a squeegee.  Our water fed pole can reach over cactus and other landscape, effectively cleaning from a convenient distance.  Ladders and buckets are not even needed with the spray-tek.  Our window cleaning system allows us to reach up to 30 feet comfortably from the ground and in many cases we can brush and rinse right through window screens, washing the glass, frame and channels all at once.   What does that mean to you?  You simply pay less for your residential window cleaning! 
This amazing window cleaning system is truly modern technology at it's finest!  We use the cleaning power of PURE water to do the job for us!  Yes, our unique window cleaning system cleans more of your home, faster than any old squeegee with no squeegee lines guaranteed!  

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Residential window cleaning from Arizona Sunbusters is a far better window cleaning value because more of your home is cleaned for the same price as squeegee cleaning alone!

Our crew, friendly and experienced:

Our Spray-tek system and how it works:

1. Water Source
Tap water flows to the water purification Tanks, we access water onsite through a common hose fitting or bring treated water to the site on our trailer in storage tanks.

2. Equipment
Our window cleaning units have the capacity to make and store pure water on the trailer where obtaining water on site is not possible.  The units are powered by gas generators and pressured by water pumps, no electrical hookup is required.

3. Water Purification
Typical tap water has impurities held in suspension; these impurities are left behind to spot the glass when the water evaporates. These impurities are referred to as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and the purification units use some combination of Sediment and Carbon filters along with the cleansing methods of Reverse Osmosis and De-ionization to remove these impurities. Pumps incorporated into some of the units allow water fed poles to reach great heights. Water Quality is measured in “parts per million” (ppm) of TDS and purification units are capable of delivering water that is pure IE: 0 (zero) ppm TDS. In practice low single digit ppm water will dry spot-free without the need to squeegee off the glass. NO SQUEEGEE LINES GUARANTEED!

4. Water Feed
Small flexible hose with a valve supplies pure water to the pole and brush.  We place an on / off valve at the belt for optimum water conservation. 

5. Operator
The biggest benefit of Water-Fed Pole, the worker stands on solid ground; he works the pole up and down the building by walking back and forth.  All employees of Arizona Sunbusters are fully trained and provide experienced workmanship guaranteed! 

6. Pole
Poles are specifically designed to fit the intended work, poles are available from 6 ft. to 32 ft. and are constructed from aluminum, or carbon fiber. Poles come in two configurations, Telescopic, where each pole section slips inside the next, or Sectional where each pole section is attached at the end to the next section. 

7. Result
Simply amazing, deep cleaned and spot free every time.

  This unique system allows us to easily clean:

Window Screens 
Window frames
Decks and Concrete
Entry areas
Exterior Lighting Fixtures
And More!

Window Cleaning Prices Phoenix area

1 Story from $119 
2 Story from $149 

Complete inside and outside surfaces. 

Sunscreens extra. 

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