Johnson Daylight Natural

Daylight Natural (DN Series)
Johnson's daylight natural series tints offer a great option for your commercial window tinting needs in Phoenix, with a high heat rejection and natural, warm look. 

DaylightNatural is one of the foremost, well-liked flat glass films on the market nowadays. Designed for both residential and business applications, DaylightNatural includes a very soft, neutral gray color that blends in well with any interior décor and is meant to not disturb the natural views outside the window.

DaylightNatural is offered in 5 completely different shades. DN60, DN50 and DN35 lines were developed with the home-owner in mind. These films deliver low interior reflectivity, letting a a lot of undisturbed outside read, and ar designed to guard interior furnishings from weakening by providing robust heat and ultraviolet light Ray rejection. All 3 shades are twin pane safe and may be simply put in on today's well-liked low energy coated glass.

DN20 and DN15 are darker shades and are terribly appealing to building owners and property managers. These darker, neutral gray colors mix in well with the natural look of today's fashionable glass and perform exceptionally in reducing extreme glare and excessive heat.

Whether it's up comfort within your home or balancing hot spots in a commercial building, DaylightNatural films can facilitate lower overall energy prices and improve HVAC potency. in addition, these films are secure to not fade or amendment color and are protected by Johnson's CST™ scratch-resistant hard-coat.

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