​​Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning Phoenix Az.

Arizona Sunbusters would like to change the way you think of window cleaning:

1) First of all our process:

The old way:

    Having the windows cleaned on commercial buildings in the Phoenix area usually meant that you call a commercial window cleaning company, strike a deal, and then a bunch of squeegee clad employees begin cleaning the windows of your buildings.  They require ladders to reach high windows and must manually remove all screens in order to reach the glass surface.  This can be time consuming and risky if the ladders needed are very tall.  

The new way:  

    One or two employees arrive with the Spray-tek cleaning system.  Using ultra purified water, they use special carbon fiber, extendable poles. This means that no ladder or lifts are required to reach up to 5 stories, and thuroughly clean all glass, framework, and screens.  They clean more of the building in half the time, and with no squeegee lines guaranteed! 

We are spending less time on your site and you receive better results.

You also get online updates and account reports for each property outlining cleaning dates and other important information, at no extra cost.

The truly amazing result of this process is the fact that less labor times and less employee expenses equals less money!  

2) And second, our Unique rewards program that gives you fantastic rewards for using our window cleaning service!

Yes, Arizona Sunbusters will save you money and provide better service GUARANTEED! 

At Arizona Sunbusters commercial window cleaning we do not use a window squeegee.  So you will never have squeegee marks or lines.  Our commercial window cleaning system is faster and cleans more for less money guaranteed!

Spray-Tek Window Cleaning System

The window cleaning squeegee was invented in 1936.

The first working Spray-Tek window cleaning system was introduced in 2000. This unique system has more capacity to clean and store usable water than any other system.

Compare our Spray-tek commercial window cleaning service to anyone else!
We guarantee the best price and service in the entire Phoenix area!

The squeegee vs. Spray-Tek

Ultra-purified water is the secret behind perfect glass cleaning.  The purified water is hungry to grab and remove dust and dirt from all surfaces.  We can make water at the site or bring it pre made.  

It works with the power of ionized water!

​If you are interested in our services and currently have a window cleaning company that you deal with we can offer you an instant savings of up to 10% off your current charges.  And you will find our included features to be a real benefit in easily keeping up with all of your commercial window cleaning accounts around the phoenix area. 


We offer several things that other Phoenix commercial window cleaning companies do not: ​

1. Two types of cleaning, Spray-Tek adjusts between low pressure brush, and high pressure sprayer!

2. Account reports for every property. Detailed summary of the cleaning at each property. 

3. Intranet website for direct contact. Lets you know exact dates and progress of all current jobs.

4. More capacity and pressure when needed. Up to 600 gallon capacity of pure ionized water to each jobsite.

5. We can make water on site or bring it pre-made. No other company offers this service.

6. Over 10 years experience with the ionized water system. We helped pioneer the technology.

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